Friday, October 25, 2013

thanks to Layla !

Just be yourself, me !
Don't you shy if you love hellokitty and also like pink color  at this age, no matter!

I know that I love to doing something new.
Everything that makes me fresh,
Go outside, looking for inspiration to get.
Yeah, I must feel and try!

After graduation, actually I don't know exactly what am I going to do
I want to be a teacher in Indonesia Mengajar at 2014
Who can inspiring them with discovering their dream.
Because of that, I must trying hard to discover my self and express everything that I want to express

About the job after graduated,
Tobe honest, I just want to feel much experiences!
I want to travel around!
Yeah, I must live it

*my random english shouting
We all doing mistake, and I didn't care if my english text was bad haha
I'll keep it try hard :D

*** thanks Allah, inspiration come. Hello Layla! You are so incredible!

Pelesiran 20
15 Februari 2013
#baru di post hehe

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